400 Degreez (of Pole Dance)

Starting this publication in the winter of 2023 was about manifesting all things sexy, scholarly, comical and observational. 400 Degreez (of Pole Dance) takes it name from a Juvenile album of the same title “400 Degreez” that holds special significance to Ashley. In homage of Louisiana, the south and the hot girl spicy attitude it produced in her, Ashley does advanced level bad bitching about the realities of pole dance.

Favoring long format, research and the study of life this publication is for those invested in philosophy, history, satire and critically engaging life. With two tiers of subscription: free and paid, readers can decide how deeply they want to invest.

Advanced level bad bitchin' slapped with an explicit advisory. Satirically exposing the contradictions of pole dance claims vs contrasting realities. If you thought the chorus to Juvenile's "Ha" is an affirmation ... the joke is on you! Subscribe

About Ashley S.

With no formal dance or acrobatic background, Ashley is what it means to be underground and underrated (mutable gemini, aries rising). From developing a sundry of pole dance tricks and techniques methodically under the direction of the best “OG’s” in the game during lockdown, emerged the call from the ‘outside’: a demand to teach. The same way she began, she continues to be that bitch—that is—to imagine in non-traditional ways about the activities involving pole dance.

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400 level bad bitchin'. Not a pole dance publication. Graphic, written, heard and lived philosophy with an explicit advisory. Erotic theories made material as an ode to hot girls with spiritual hygiene, touched with taste.


Ashley is what it means to be underground and underrated. The same way she began, she continues—without a traditional pole studio. This, in part, is how Performance Tempel evolved from online e-commerce to sanctuary for artistic development.