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Breathe On Me: Blurring The Lines Between Realities

A Visual Essay For How The Visual Treatments For Wasp's Nest Were Made

Wasp’s Nest

We’re days away from Wasp’s Nest and this post publishes my documentation of how I came to creating the visuals for the concept. Blurring reality when the physical space is limited is apart of my gift— making the unseen seen. The video is best viewed on laptop/desktop or in landscape mode on your mobile device. Take a watch and join me on Sunday, April 7th, 2024

Want more visual essays? Don’t trip. They’re in the works. I’m currently doing research and study for a visual essay on “Visual Eroticism” as Carmine, Krystal and I prepare for Haute Velour’s “The Erotic Experience” Immersion event in the coming week.

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