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Sexual & Spiritual Agency

Permission to decide and act to co-create reality

Today, I’m teaching my first in-person group experience through Haute Velour’s1 The Erotic Experience with Carmine Black and Krystal Jacksin. This morning, I’m incarnating the activities of pride, irritation and joy over the last year:

a.) Dancing with and on everything but a pole with Carmine and the 2023 NOLA Seminary cohort. Having an Irish Cream during breakfast with C, as we shared our displeasure with the flattening of “eroticism” applied in movement b.) The production of 2023 Haute Velour— experience of in-person spectatorship2 and criteria contained affect/effect (“connoisseurship”3 or performance judging). c.) The many conversations with Mariah about tangible and hygienic maintenancing our spiritual, sexual and movement condition4.

All of these things are falling into place at once. No, I’m wrong— I’m deciding and giving myself permission to make and see the patterns between it all. The affect and effect of who/what I keep in contact with and my internal worldview. I made a choice about which part of Mariah’s ‘Wasp’s Nest’ exhibition to publish. The choice rooted in my contribution to The Erotic Experience—sexual and spiritual agency through the experience of physical demands. There are implications for how we decided to act, what we give ourselves permission to do and the acceptance of the consequences as information.

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Sexual and spiritual hygiene, for me, isn’t about purity or cleanliness. It’s about health condition. A realization of the external environmental effect of contact, plus our internal agent that produces an external effect that creates reality. Metaphorically, one can build a house in the desert; but if that house is not maintained through specific “hygienic” actions, its environment will attempt to decay it back to dust. Faith without works, is dead. Physical eroticism without depth is flat. It’s not wrong, it needs to evolve so we can use it to plan in advance of difficulties5. That’s my take, what’s yours?

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